Will Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan rapprochement solve “Kepez” problem?

Will Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan rapprochement solve “Kepez” problem?

20 July 2017, 18:19 700

Azerbaijan has always preferred to establish extensive contacts with neighboring countries, with the exception of Armenia. As a result of the balanced policy pursued by our state, our cooperation in various fields with both our land borders and the Caspian basin is continuing.


Azerbaijan has always attached special importance to the development of multilateral relations with Turkmenistan. However, there were some controversial points regarding the Caspian Sea. There is a disagreement over the Kapaz field between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan attached great importance to improvement of relations with Turkmenistan, establishment of friendly and brotherly relations. As a result, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov has visited Azerbaijan recently. During the visit, meetings were held with President Ilham Aliyev, Foreign Minister and other state officials, and a number of important documents were signed to deepen the relations between the two countries.

In particular, during the meeting with the Turkmen delegation, President Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan attaches great importance to fraternal relations with Turkmenistan and is interested in expanding relations in all spheres. The Head of State noted that it is necessary both the historical relations existing between our peoples and today's realities: "We also see similar attitude from Turkmenistan".


In this sense, the Head of State expressed hope for further strengthening of our cooperation and partnership relations. Noting the active cooperation between our countries in various fields, including political, economic, transport, humanitarian and other spheres, President Ilham Aliyev said he would spare no efforts to create new opportunities for cooperation between our brotherly and neighboring countries.

Eldar Ibrahimov, member of the Azerbaijani-Turkmen inter-parliamentary relations commission, said in a statement to "Kaspi" that Azerbaijan has always preferred the establishment of broader relations with neighboring countries: "Of course, we prefer building relations with Turkmenistan in all areas today. Azerbaijan is interested in establishing relations with Turkic speaking countries in political, economic, trade and other spheres as a whole. It's true that, today Turkey-Azerbaijan relations are more in line with brotherhood and friendship. But Azerbaijan has relations with Turkmenistan. I would also like to note that there is a disagreement between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan regarding the Kapaz field. I think that, as relations between the two countries develops, this disagreement will also be eliminated. Under the sincere discussions of the table at the level of Presidents, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, friendship and brotherhood will be achieved. In my opinion, as a result of these meetings, the problem of the Kapaz field can be resolved".


E. Ibrahimov added that these meetings between Azerbaijani and Turkmen officials will also bring the two countries' parliaments closer to each other: "Of course, we are trying to expand relations with the parliaments of other countries. Recently, we had meetings in the Uzbek parliament. Generally, we are very interested in expanding our relations with Central Asian countries as a whole. We want to deepen our ties with Turkmenistan. I would also like to note that the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan Hasan Zeynalov also tries to expand the relations between the two countries. In addition, Turkmenistan has been appointed new ambassador to Azerbaijan, and probably meetings with him. Of course, we need to improve relations between our countries. In this regard, as the Azerbaijani parliament, we are initiating this initiative. Of course, these issues should be mutually acceptable, and the Turkmen side should also initiate the expansion of relations”.


Chairman of the Great Establishment Party, MP Fazil Mustafa said that we should try to maintain good relations with Turkmenistan: "Because it is one of the Turkic republics as well a neighboring state and we have the opportunity to cooperate in the Caspian Sea. I think that all issues should be discussed and resolved together. There is no problem that cannot be solved. We also have the opportunity to come to a common agreement on the Kapaz field. That is, this issue should not lead to any conflict. Naturally, preferential treatment is possible in such matters, taking into consideration the interests of each country. Because of the approach of the two Turkic states. I think the meeting of the Turkmen delegation with the President of Azerbaijan will have a positive impact on this issue. "

F.Mustafa added that relations between the two countries can be developed in all spheres: "It is difficult to say how the reaction of the Turkmen side will be. But in any case there is a positive tendency and hope that this will be a good result. "


Bakhtiyar Mammadli