What does Armenian provocation serve?

What does Armenian provocation serve?

28 July 2017, 18:48 829

The Azerbaijani army and the civilian population have regularly been targeted by Armenians in the recent months. At the same time, Armenians have begun to commit sabotage on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. Azerbaijani civilians are killed and wounded regularly during the hostilities. As a result of these cruel actions of Armenia, the international community is aware of the murder of 51-year-old Sahibi Allahverdiyeva and his 2-year-old granddaughter Zahra Guliyeva in Alkhanli village of Fuzuli region on 4 July.

On July 25, the Armenian Armed Forces used a drone, and the missiles filled with explosives and metal elements were thrown to the positions of the Azerbaijani Army. As a result of this incident, one soldier of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan was wounded. As we can see, Armenia continues the provocations against Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the other day the Foreign Ministers and Ministries of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued a joint statement, saying that Yerevan was responsible for the provocations on the line of contact and the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. It's interesting what Armenians are trying to achieve with such actions.


Political scientist Fikret Sadikhov said in a statement to the "Kaspi" newspaper that Armenia has carried provocations against Azerbaijan on a regular basis for many years: "They do it on the eve of certain events, meetings or immediately after. We know that the meeting of the Azerbaijani President and his Russian counterpart in Sochi was very successful. Also certain agreements have been reached, the development of bilateral relations will continue to expand further. And this, of course, irritates Armenia. The aim of the Armenians is to paint Azerbaijanis as provocative. To create the iillusion that Azerbaijani side does not want peace, they attack Armenian troops. Thus, they want to send a message to Russia that this is your strategic partner and the Armenians are concerned. The Armenians want the third party, specifically, to involve Russia in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. They would like Russia to join this conflict, take some steps against Azerbaijan, increase military-technical assistance to Armenia, and so on. I think this is the main goal of Armenia and they are resorting to any provocation to achieve it".


Sadikhov added that it cannot be said that the whole world is on the side of Armenia: "We do not see it lately. The list of those who support Azerbaijan is growing. But the spectacular position of the leading states is disturbing us. As a result, Armenia has been in occupation of Azerbaijani lands for 25 years and does not want to abandon this policy. Their main purpose is to stay in the occupied territories and commit sabotage. Armenia will not be able to achieve the expected results with these steps. Azerbaijan is taking symmetrical, adequate steps and I do not think that Armenia is happy about that".


Head of Atlas Research Center, political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu said that Armenia wants to check the pulse of large states with provocations: "Because the presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia met in Sochi. There was great concern in Armenia regarding Russia's future position. They might have thought that perhaps Russia would put pressure on the Armenian government and demand the withdrawal of troops from the territories surrounding Karabakh. Unfortunately, it did not happen, there is no progress in the stance of Russia. On the contrary, after the meeting of the presidents, the Armenians are carrying out even more provocations. The ceasefire is violated on the contact line, there are local clashes on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. After the Sochi meeting, Armenian Foreign Minister Nalbandian resorted to provocation and visited Kalbajar. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also ratified the document on the establishment of the Russian-Armenian joint troops. Armenia is resorting to provocations relying on Russia's support. In his recent interview, the Azerbaijani Defense Minister has clearly stated that if we had faced each other, we would have already resolved the issue. This, in reality, means that if Armenia did not have great powers backing them, Azerbaijan would put an end to occupation. Armenians know that Azerbaijan's military potential has increased. We use this technique to put pressure on the occupier. "


According to Shahinoglu, Armenians want to show us that if Azerbaijan launched an attack in the direction of Garabagh, they would be capable of causing great damage to us: "But in fact, Armenians are bringing this closer to the war. In April of the last year, a 4-day war broke out under similar circumstances. As a result, we have liberated some of our occupied territories. Therefore, this policy of Armenians is meant to be irritating, and they also want "check the pulse" of the great states. Unfortunately, neither Russia, nor America nor France react to these provocations of Armenia seriously. But if the war starts tomorrow, they will come and ask us to stop stop attacking, stop the fire. Indeed, during the April wars, the Russian Defense Minister called for a ceasefire. Every time they make such appeals, but they are silent when they come to Armenia's provocations. Even Nalbandian's visit to Kalbajar is such a big provocation. We do not see the steps taken by the Minsk Group co-chairs to prevent this provocation of Armenia. They do not want to stop the ceasefire, they do not accelerate the resolution of the conflict, but at least they can avoid the provocations. "


Bakhtiyar Mammadli