West’s double standards policy

West’s double standards policy

23 October 2019, 18:16 145

On October 19, an organization called the National Council attempted to hold an unauthorized rally in central Baku. Despite the preliminary warning, the protesters ignored the police's legal calls. For this reason, law enforcement officials expelled unauthorized protesters from the area for security reasons as required by law. Soon after the rally, US and European institutions cited law enforcement actions as an "act of violence." Whereas, in recent history, police violence against civilians in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and even the United States has been more malicious and relentless. Have the law enforcement officials used sticks, rubber bullets, and water cannons against protesters in Azerbaijan, as in European countries? Why does the West apply double standards policy?

According to MP Elshan Musayev, the attempt of a rally by radical opposition is a clear provocation. "The plan was to destabilize the country through this illegal, uncontrolled rally, to make the people believe in "confrontation and chaos” through social media. But they failed once again and were humiliated. Exactly as expected, as predicted. Do you know why? Because the people and the nation are vigilant and politically educated. The mature, shaped view of the people cannot be changed by the facebook status of some 3-4 cheaters. There are a strong bond, unity, and trust between the people and the President. The Azerbaijani people are able to distinguish the good from the bad," he pointed out.

Musayev said that the opposition claimed that they were not allowed to hold the rally by the police. "But what should the police do? It was announced that all steps against the state, statehood, social order, and public morality will be unanimously prevented,” he noted.

There are some international organizations, institutions, and diplomatic corps accusing us, the MP said. "Are they aware of the tragic events and the police-civil conflicts in Europe? Do they not see how law enforcement agencies in those countries deal with people in illegal actions and unauthorized rallies? Azerbaijani police is one of the most civilized, most loyal and just police in the world. Their duties are to protect the public and do their best,” he emphasized.

Elchin Mirzabeyli, the deputy chairman of the Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, said that many statements issued by some international organizations after the rally without considering the positive indicators are clearly made in advance. "The statements were probably signed in advance and released immediately after the rally. There are a few things to consider in connection with the unauthorized rally in central Baku. First, the right to freedom of assembly is ensured in Azerbaijan, and, according to the request of the applicants, the state has provided them a place. On the other hand, it has been warned many times before that the government of Azerbaijan will not allow any mass riots in the area where unauthorized action is held in order to ensure the safety of citizens. Despite the fact that the state has provided an alternative place and has created all possibilities to implement the right to freedom of assembly, there still were attempts to hold the illegal action. Of course, the Azerbaijani police acted in accordance with the requirements of the law and there is no unlawful behavior,” he noted.

Mirzabeyli stressed that international organizations issued no statements regarding the violence committed by police in France towards not only protesters but also civilians. "We did not see the comments of international organizations on the arrest and pressure on journalists during these actions. The same situation was repeated in the UK, Germany, and Belgium. All this shows that it is just a pre-planned campaign against Azerbaijan, and representatives of this radical and destructive opposition have executed the orders as part of this campaign,” he added.