Mask-wearing –  indicator of attention to health and responsible behavior

Mask-wearing – indicator of attention to health and responsible behavior

10 June 2020, 15:25 126
"If an issue is of vital importance to the people, everyone must take responsibility”
At a time when the coronavirus is spreading all over the world, unfortunately, there are still people in our society who do not believe and accept it. These people violate quarantine rules and endanger their own lives as well as the lives of others. The mask, which plays an invaluable role in protecting our health, is not accepted in our society. Most people walk the streets without wearing masks. These individuals are not even afraid of administrative methods.
What is the reason? Why don't people want to wear masks? In general, why is it necessary to wear a mask?
Sociologist Ahmad Gashamoglu said there is an alarm bell all over the world about the need to wear a mask to fight the coronavirus. "Every conscious person should understand that wearing a mask is a vital issue. We need to think not only about our health but also about the health of other people. There are rules for properly wearing the mask. No one is asking you to stay in the mask from morning till night. Of course, this is also harmful. We must use the mask when we are in a crowded environment, on public transport. There are various reasons why our people do not wear masks. First of all, a group of people engaged in the funeral and wedding business do not follow these rules. They deliberately spread such false information that the virus is nonsense. For them, money is more important than human life. They do not want to accept this reality because the pandemic has affected their business. That is why they try to convince people of lies. At the same time, there is a prevailing ignorance in society. They leave everything to God, saying, "May God help us." Even the Qur'an encourages people to act with reason and understanding. Some people generally reject it psychologically. Because they don't care about anything in the world. These people have no sense of responsibility at all. They are not only not interested in the lives and health of others, but also their health. Due to all this, such a negative situation has arisen in the country,” he said.
According to the Gashamoglu, the situation cannot continue like this. "I live in the city center. Every day I see how many people are sneezing, coughing, and spitting in the street. People do not want to understand their responsibility. When I see such people, I am terrified. Everyone hugs and kisses each other. Since the malls opened, people have been going there en masse ignoring social distancing. If an event is of vital importance to the people, everyone must take responsibility in this matter. If awareness-raising activities and recommendations do not work, it is necessary to use administrative methods. True, there is a need for awareness-raising work. But this work must be done based on a new methodology. The psychology of the population should be studied, and work should be carried out accordingly. Maximum care should be taken when applying administrative methods. Because this issue decides the fate of the people,” he said.
Medical expert Shahla Balayeva said that protection of the mouth and nose is important in preventing all airborne infections. "Viruses and microorganisms spread by sick people pass into the environment. Therefore, sick people should wear a mask before anyone else because they should think about the health of others. One of the main features of COVID-19 is that sometimes infected people are asymptomatic. We notice people with the flu and other infectious diseases immediately and stay away from them. But we cannot identify people infected with the coronavirus. Symptoms appear much later - after 14 days. These people are secret carriers. When we come in contact with them, we are very likely to be infected. Therefore, we must protect ourselves. Along with sick people, healthy people must also wear a mask. The other side of the issue is to use the mask properly. Many people are not able to use the mask properly. Some people wear the same mask for hours. However, the mask expires after 2 hours. You can't touch the mask often. Many people don’t wear the mask up to the nose, but to the chin, which is riskier. Because every time we touch the mask, the germs in our hands pass to it. We must wash our hands with soap before wearing a mask. If you want to take it off, you should hold it by the edges. You must not wear the same mask twice,” Balayeva said.
The expert noted that awareness-raising plays an important role in this issue. "We must not intimidate people but must teach them. Everyone should understand that this is not a joke. The reproduction rate of the virus is quite high. The main reason for this is that some are asymptomatic. Sick people unknowingly walk in society. None of us know if we are carriers. We must be honest and responsible for others,” she said.