“We must force Armenia to sit at negotiating table”

“We must force Armenia to sit at negotiating table”

27 July 2017, 18:42 1112
Recently, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian has visited Kalbajar, the occupied district of Azerbaijan by Armenia under the guise of participating in the "Gandzasar777” religious ceremony. Armenian officials’ visits to occupied Azerbaijani regions is contrary to both the laws of our country and international legal norms as well. Azerbaijani state has has repeatedly addressed statement to international organizations with regard to this issue, but regretfully the situation remains unchanged, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hikmet Hajiyev told this. 
According to him, Nalbandian’s visit to Kalbajar district and participation in the "Gandzasar777” religious ceremony is a telling example of Armenia’s state-level politicization of a historical and religious falsity, noting that the original name of this Alban church found in Kalbajar is not Gandzasar, but Ganjasar. According to Hajiyev, this particular church has nothing to do with the Armenian Gregorian Church, a claim that has been proven with substantial facts by foreign historians. the Armenianization of Islamic and Christian places of worship and other cultural monuments of the historical heritage of the people of Azerbaijan in the occupied territories and the changing of their architectural style and other features is a gross violation of international humanitarian law, especially the Geneva Convention. Armenia’s Foreign Minister’s participation in such an event shows that Armenia is not interested in the negotiated resolution of the conflict and aims to keep and strengthen the status quo and pursues the policy of annexing the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region and other surrounding districts of Azerbaijan. 

The visits of the occupier country officials to occupied Azerbaijani territories is unacceptable, member of Milli Mejlis Faraj Guliyev told in his statement to "Kaspi” newspaper commenting on this issue: " Armenian army has to withdraw from Azerbaijan’s  Kalbajar district . Representatives of the  Armenian government  visit dislocated military units in occupied lands through these trips as well as, visit Armenians who come from Syria and other countries. The main point in this issue is that they pay a visit to occupied Azerbaijani lands. There are numerous reasons for this step. One of them  is supposed to be the meeting Russian and Azerbaijani presidents or withdraval of troops.

But in all cases, I think Armenian officials’ visits to occupied Azerbaijani lands is violation of the law. We should immediately prevent the visits like this. 
Guliyev also added that Armenia is not expected to show fair position  in peace negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh: " As Armenians lead the policy planning occupation in advance. Armenians intend to make up  "Great Armenia” at the expense of Azerbaijani and Turkish lands. They started the war in this regard. They are not interested in negotiations in any case  and  just want to keep the existing status quo.  Moreover, their visits to occupied lands are due to keep public opinion in Armenia  under control. They want to demonstrate their intention to create "second Armenian state” in Nagorno-Karabakh. Whereas Azerbaijan’s will on this issue is clear enough: " Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has to be settled peacefully otherwise the occupation will be ended via a war. In any case, creation of the "second Armenian state" in the Azerbaijani territories will not be allowed." stated Guliyev. 

Political analyst Natig Miri said that highlighting  Nalbadyan’s visit to Kalbajar from religious point  may be a message to the Christian world: " As highlighting once again that Armenians are a Christian ethnos, of course, is intended to remind  the support for Armenia and separatist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh within the framework of the Christian unity ideology. On the other hand, Nalbadiaan’s visit to occupied Azerbaijani lands is contrary to international law. Thus , the occupation fact of Azerbaijani teritories by Armenia has been recorded in lots of documents as well as, in 4 resolutions of the UN. Then Armenian official’s visit to occupied Azerbaijani lands without Azerbaijani state’s permission  is contrary to all international law norms and protocols. In my opinion, Armenia is trying to give religious highlight to the visit  to avoid politicizing this issue again. However, I think, Azerbaijan will not prevent the visits like this by making statements . 
According to him,  Azerbaijan must create a process both at the international, regional level and front line as well. This event, of course, should be military-political. As to settle the conflict only via negotiations is impossible.  In my opinion, if Azerbaijan released some strategicly important positions Armenia would easily sit at a substantial negotiating table and have to discuss the  issue at the level of presidents. Otherwise, Armenia is satisfied with the current situation and take advantages of occupied Azerbaijani lands. They make millions on drug plantations. Nagorno-Karabakh is also a convenient place for arms sale to terrorists and it is possible for many terrorist organizations to use these territories as a logistics center. In total, Armenian military junta earns millions from these processes. In my opinion, to sit We must force Armenia to sit at negotiating table." added Natig Miri. 

Bakhtiyar MAMMADLI