War crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijani civilians

War crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijani civilians

18 July 2020, 16:47 1215

Suffering a crushing blow, the Armenian army is targeting Azerbaijani settlements near the border and the frontline

Since the signing of the ceasefire agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia in 1994, the Armenian side has consistently violated the ceasefire, as well as disregarded its obligations and international law. The Armenian armed forces have repeatedly committed various provocations on the frontline as soon as any progress is made in the negotiations for the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict or any agreement is reached with the participation of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents. Whenever these provocations are prevented by the Azerbaijani military, and the Armenian armed forces are struck with crushing blows, they always take revenge on the civilian population. Unable to digest their defeat and helplessness, the Armenian militants target the civilian population, shooting at residential houses, livestock, and arable lands with bullets and shells. Armenian murderers do not spare even minors, and kill Azerbaijani children with sniper fire. On March 8, 2011, the Armenian armed forces again violated the ceasefire in the direction of the occupied Shikhlar village of Agdam, and an Armenian sniper opened fire on Fariz Badalov, a 9-year-old Azerbaijani resident of Orta Garvand village. As a result, the minor was seriously injured in the head and died on the way to the hospital. This is one out of hundreds examples of Armenian atrocities.

If we pay attention to the time when the incident took place, we can see that the murder took place three days after the meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Sochi on March 5, 2011 at the initiative of the Russian President. This was not only a bloody incident committed by the occupying Armenian army against civilians, but also an attempt to prevent any possible steps towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict. In the same year, Shahmaliyeva Aygun Ziraddin gizi, born in 1998, was killed and her mother, Shahmaliyeva Elnara Mammadtagi gizi, born in 1979, was injured in the thigh as a result of the detonation of an explosive device in the village of Alibeyli, Tovuz district of Azerbaijan, which borders Armenia. During the investigation, it was found out that a "dog-like" toy with an explosive device inside was released by the Armenians into the Tovuz River, which enters the village of Alibeyli. Jafarov Elsever Hasan oglu and Shahmaliyeva Aygun Ziraddin gizi, who were playing in the area, found the toy and brought it to Jafarov Hasan's house. While playing at home, Aygun Shahmaliyeva hit a toy on the table, causing an explosion. A similar incident took place in that area in 1994. Two children were killed and one was injured in an explosion while the children were trying to take out a toy thrown into the river by Armenians. Moreover, on July 14, 2019, 12-year-old Narmin Khanbabayeva, her 8-year-old brother Tuncay and 44-year-old Durdana Nagiyeva were seriously wounded in the Alibeyli village of Tovuz district on the line of contact with Armenia.

The Azerbaijani side has sent numerous appeals to international organizations and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, as the killing of minors is not only an inhuman act, a gross violation of international law, but also international responsibility for Armenia, as well as the need for UN sanctions against it. However, the major powers, as well as international organizations, over and over again turned a blind eye to these atrocities of Armenia. That is why the violation of the ceasefire by the Armenian armed forces, targeting the civilian population and provocations by them on the frontline have become commonplace. The events on the frontline in March-April 2016 are further evidence of this. Thus, the Armenian militants, who violated the ceasefire on the frontline since March 31, also tried to infiltrate our positions. Hundreds of Armenian servicemen were killed, dozens of military equipment were destroyed and several hundred Armenian servicemen were wounded while preventing the enemy attack. As a result of the counterattack of our army, the Armenian soldiers left their positions and fled from a number of strategically important heights. Following that, Azerbaijani servicemen strengthened their positions in the areas cleared of the enemy. And although the Armenian armed forces tried several times to regain the lost positions, they withdrew with greater losses. In this case, the enemy resorted to the traditional method, compensating for its failure by firing on the Azerbaijani settlements near the line of contact, targeting and causing damage to the civilian population.

Thus, on April 2, 2016, at 8:00, one of the shells fired at Garagaji village of Tartar district hit a VAZ-2107 car driven by Rahimov Jalal Saday oglu, a resident of the village. As a result, passenger Orkhan Rahimov, born in 1993, lost both legs and died on the spot from blood loss. The driver, Jalal Rahimov, and a nearby man, Ramin Ahmadov, born in 1990, received multiple shrapnel wounds. At around 12:00 on the same day, one of the shells hit the apartment of Isa Ahmadov, a resident of the settlement. Ahmadov was taken to Barda Central District Hospital with multiple shrapnel wounds. Moreover, at about 19:20, one of the shells fired at Shikharkh settlement of the district hit a Niva-2121 car driven by Sadig Aliyev, born in 1987. As a result, a passenger in the car, Farman Asadli, born in 1992, died of multiple shrapnel injuries from blood loss. The driver and another passenger, Mubariz Rahimov, born in 1982, received multiple shrapnel wounds. At about 20:00, resident of Afatli village of Aghdam district, Jumshud Huseynov, born in 1953, was seriously injured as a result of the explosion of a shell and was immediately hospitalized. An hour later, one of the shells fired at Seydimli village hit the apartment of the resident of the village, Vahid Veliyev, born in 1951, and seriously injured him and his minor grandson, Sanan Velizade, born in 2003. On April 2, Abdulazim Ibrahimov, born in 1938, a resident of Gargujag village of Goranboy district, and Abbas Allahverdiyev, born in 1974, a resident of Tapgaragoyunlu village of Goranboy district, were seriously injured by a shell. Another shell completely destroyed the apartment of Olga Kruglova, born in 1949, a resident of Tartar.

In the first decade of April 2016, the enemy also began firing from rocket-propelled grenades and long-range artillery at settlements far from the line of contact. Dadashov Garash Shahmar oglu, born in 1954, died as a result of the shelling of Sharifli village of Ahmadagali Territorial Unit of Aghdam district. On the same day, the Armenian armed forces shelled Uchoglan and Khindiristan territorial units as well. Two women were injured when a shell hit a house in the village of Duyerli in Azerbaijan’s Tartar district. The shells fired by the Armenians caused serious damage not only to private facilities, but also to educational institutions. Thus, a shell hit and seriously damaged the I Sarijali village secondary school named after A.Guliyev in Aghdam district. As a result, the roof of one of the school buildings, two classrooms, teachers' room and corridor were completely destroyed. There were also cracks in the walls of other classrooms and windows were broken. On the same day, as a result of shells hitting the area where the Ayag Garvand village secondary school is located, the school building and its walls were damaged. On July 4, 2017, at about 20:40, the Armenian armed forces fired at Alkhanli village of Fizuli district with 82 and 120 mm mortars and machine grenades. As a result of this provocation by the Armenian side, the village residents Guliyeva Sahiba Idris gizi, born in 1967, and Guliyeva Zahra Elnur gizi, born in 2015, were killed.

Starting from July 12 afternoon, while grossly violating the ceasefire regime in Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district on the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border, the Armenian armed forces opened fire at the Azerbaijani positions by using artillery. As a result of the appropriate measures, the Armenian armed forces were silenced. The tensions continued on the border, July 12-13 night. During the night battles, by using artillery, mortars and tanks, the Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed a stronghold, vehicles, as well as killed Armenian servicemen on the territory of the Armenia’s military unit.

Thus, once again demonstrating its aggressive and terrorist nature, Armenia fired artillery at densely populated areas with the intention of national hatred and enmity. As a result, several servicemen of the Azerbaijani Army were killed, while others received various injuries, including significant damage to settlements and civilians in the frontline.

Thus, on July 13, 2020, Agdam and Dondar Gushchu villages of Tovuz district were fired at with 120 mm mortars and D-30 cannons. One of the shells hit the house of Mahir, a resident of Dondar Gushchu village. As a result, the house is in disrepair. Starting from the morning of July 14, Armenian armed forces again fired at Agdam, Alibeyli and Dondar Gushchu villages of Tovuz district, as well as houses inhabited by civilians using large-caliber weapons and artillery. As a result of shells falling on the territory of Dondar Gushchu village, a private house and 3 courtyards were damaged. Thus, as a result of the incident, a private house belonging to the village resident Aliyeva Telara Ahmad gizi, born in 1948, as well as 3 courtyards belonging to residents Aliyeva Samira Nureddin gizi, born in 1981, Huseynov Aydin Mahammad oglu, born in 1973 and Rustamov Zeynal Ali oglu, born in 1986 were seriously damaged. Moreover, as a result of artillery shelling by the Armenian armed forces of the village of Agdam, Tovuz district, on July 14, the village resident, civilian, 76-years-old Aziz Azizov was killed. Zarnishan Gozalova, the daughter of the deceased, said that immediately after her father said goodbye to her on the phone, Armenians fired at his house and killed Azizov.

On July 14 at 15:00, as a result of the shelling and explosion of a missile fired from a reactive device by a unit of the Armenian Armed Forces located in front of the village of Bala Jafarli, Gazakh district, different parts of the missile were scattered on the roofs of houses, as well as courtyards belonging to residents of Khanliglar village Salmina Aliyeva, Mahbub Orujov, Aziz Shirinov, Ilham Mehdiyev, Razim Musayev and Kamil Jahanov.

As a result, the property of these people was intentionally destroyed, causing significant damage. On July 15 and 16, Armenians continued shelling border villages of Azerbaijan. The shells fired at Agdam, Dondar Gushchu, Alibeyli and Hajali villages of Tovuz hit houses and several courtyards, causing serious material damage to the villagers.

The above-mentioned facts show once again that the enemy, whose provocations were prevented and severely defeated by the Azerbaijani Army, shelled in revenge the civilian population, settlements and schools where children were educated. Armenia's direct and deliberate attacks on Azerbaijani civilians and civilian objects are a serious violation of international humanitarian law, human rights, in particular the 1949 Geneva Conventions and Annex 1, as well as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. This proves once again that the occupying Armenia does not pay any attention to the requirements of international law and the calls of international organizations. Unfortunately, the major permanent members of the UN Security Council, including the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, do not want to put any pressure on the Armenian government, which disregards international law, the territorial integrity of its neighbors and pursues a policy of aggression and genocide.