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US military plane crashes in State of Mississippi, Kills 16

US military plane crashes in State of Mississippi, Kills 16
Sixteen people are dead following a military airplane crash in Mississippi, APA reports quoting
First responders said the military C-130 left Memphis on Monday.
The plane crashed in Leflore County just off Highway 82 on Monday afternoon.
The plane is believed to have exploded in mid-air. Investigators said they found debris on both sides of the highway, leading them to believe an explosion happened prior to the crash.
A Mississippi State Trooper said the plane is loaded with ammunition, causing emergency workers to have to keep their distance.
"There's a lot of ammo in the plane. That's why we are keeping so far back. We just don't know what it'll do. It burns a bit then goes out, burns a little more then dies down," the trooper told WMC Action News 5 crews.
The United States Marine Corps confirmed the aircraft was a Marine aircraft.




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