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The Azerbaijani police handle the task assigned to them with dignity

The Azerbaijani police handle the task assigned to them with dignity
Those who conduct campaign against the Azerbaijani police and those who try to undermine their public image are the ones who turned into a part of the insidious plans of our enemies

The Azerbaijani Police have handled the task assigned to them with dignity since Azerbaijan restored its independence for the second time in the 20th century. According to the law, the police is a centralized, law enforcement body belonging to the executive power. The law defines the appointment and main duties of the police as well. In accordance with the law, assignment of police is to protect people's lives, health, rights and freedoms, the legitimate interests and property of the state, individuals and legal entities from unlawful acts and other offenses, as well as, prevent juvenile delinquencies, protect human rights and freedoms and so on.

Today, the Azerbaijani Police are a single centralized law enforcement body with a strong logistics, a well-organized system in protection of public order and rules.
Thanks to the care and attention of President Ilham Aliyev, ongoing development and modernization allow us to safeguard rights and interests of our citizens, and take adequate measures to combat crime and its transnational organized types. At the same time, the Azerbaijani police carry out  the duties on protection of citizens and their legal interests, rights and freedoms, and always justify trust in them.
In a word, the Azerbaijani police have a great responsibility for maintaining stability, peace and public order in the country. It is gratifying that the Azerbaijani police are able to cope with this responsibility and the task assigned to them. However, Armenia, the occupant state, the Armenian diaspora in the world, and various forces under their control deeply concern over stability in Azerbaijan, and the high professionalism of our law enforcement bodies, including law enforcement officers.

One of such insidious plans is to undermine the public image of the Azerbaijani police and discredit the law enforcement officers. To reach their goals they particularly  use the Internet, and social networks. Regretfully, some countrymen maintain them in this issue.

As it can be seen, purposeful propaganda is conducted against the Azerbaijani police, attempts are made to damage its activities and public image. Participants of these attempts automatically become part of the insidious plans by foreign enemies of Azerbaijan. As we have just mentioned, the aggressor Armenia, which afraid of Azerbaijan in the battlefield has directed its power to destabilize our country with help of  foreign circles. The spread of disinformation about the Azerbaijani police under the name of human rights is part of this plan. However, despite all this, the Azerbaijani police are vigilant in  protecting of the public order, and play a crucial role in preventing the dirty plans of foreign circles.
Alper Ismayil  



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