Radical opposition has no social base in Azerbaijan

Radical opposition has no social base in Azerbaijan

20 November 2019, 13:46 593

West demonstrates double standards regarding police conduct in Baku and Tbilisi rallies

The radical opposition in Azerbaijan always refers to political processes in other countries and uses it against our country’s authority. Representatives of this camp, who are always talking about democracy, freedom of assembly, and human rights, declare the conduct of police during their unauthorized rallies illegal. However, they remain silent regarding police interference in other countries. For comparison, it is enough to pay attention to the protests in Georgia. As soon as the opposition members gathered in front of the Georgian parliament broke the law, the police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters.

"The radical opposition has no understanding of the principles of law and statehood,”Elchin Mirzabeyli, deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, told Kaspi. "Otherwise, they would have been represented in power and would have managed to govern on legal grounds. Or they would not allow chaos, arbitrariness, or violence against citizens. From this aspect, I believe that in all cases their political motives are at the forefront. These political motives also stem from corporate interests. They justify whatever is happening in Georgia, Ukraine, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. They even consider human deaths, murders, and evictions to be acceptable, and they think that all these are well-grounded facts and are legal. Radical opposition even calls terrorism as legal action. In other words, you should not be surprised.”

Mirzabayli noted that there are several aspects that are necessary for consistent and principled political activity. "The first of these is the ideological platform. The second is consistency, legal logic, and analytical thinking in the process itself. None of this is peculiar to the radical opposition of Azerbaijan. In this case, they will certainly focus on the most basic, primitive methods that only serve the day’s agenda. If there is a wave of revolution in any country, they will try to bring it to the agenda of Azerbaijan and create agitation around it without considering its prospects. But if the process turns into civil confrontation and war, they will not apologize to the public nor admit their mistakes. Unfortunately, this is a characteristic of Azerbaijan’s radical, destructive opposition, which has a negative impact on the political processes in the country,” he said.

According to political commentator Aydin Guliyev, there are comparable facts about the conduct of the police during the recent rallies in Georgia and in Azerbaijan. "There are a number of things to compare. It is very interesting that, despite the fact that the events have completely different content, that is, the police used water cannons and tear gas against Georgian protesters, no reaction has followed. However, the police interfered with unauthorized protests in Azerbaijan within the law. Even the police created conditions for Ali Karimli to refrain from attempting to hold an unauthorized rally and to leave the area. Although he and those around him resisted, police still acted under the law. In spite of all this, we have seen a very different reaction from the EU and the US to the events in Baku and to the excessive use of force in Georgia. It was very clear that the reaction of the West to the police interference in the Georgian rally was extremely mild. However, the attitude of the West towards the conduct of police within the legal framework of Azerbaijan was very harsh and inadequate. This is also a good example of double standards,” said the political commentator.

"Radical opposition in Azerbaijan has its own criteria,” Guliyev underlined. "These criteria are not consistent with classical policy and logic. They want to stay on the political agenda at all costs. They want to get the support of certain international organizations and forces as they have no social base in the country. In short, they act under the influence of their own ambitions, not political realities and logic. That's the difference between the opposition in other countries and our radical camp. In other countries, such as Georgia, the political opposition has some power, social support among the population, and they operate on a principled platform. But in Azerbaijan, the activities of the radical opposition are based solely on ambitions and, therefore, have no social base. As a result, they come to a completely subjective and unrealistic position as of today.”