Peace or war: the outcome is inevitable

Peace or war: the outcome is inevitable

09 July 2020, 15:59 263

According to the MPs, the OSCE Minsk Group, like the Armenian government, is only imitating


The mediation mission of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not yielding results. In particular, the occupying Armenia has always evaded the talks under various pretexts or tried to disrupt it with its illogical proposals. However, it is interesting that neither the Minsk Group co-chairs nor other international organizations have taken Armenia's actions seriously. As a result, Armenia's policy of aggression continues.


President Ilham Aliyev has paid special attention to this issue in an interview with journalists a few days ago. The head of state noted that there was and can be no change in our position in the process of negotiations on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. "We expect more serious, concrete and purposeful statements from the OSCE Minsk Group. The Armenian Prime Minister says "Karabakh is Armenia." I answer this and I give the necessary answer. But why doesn't the Minsk Group respond? Why don't they answer that this statement, in fact, overturns the essence of the talks formed by the Minsk Group, makes the talks virtually insignificant?” said the President.


President Ilham Aliyev stressed that the Azerbaijani side is now showing tolerance and trying to be constructive. "But today, in fact, the negotiation process is not going on. Video conferences of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan have no significance. It just shows that the Minsk Group is active," he said.


In his statement to Kaspi, MP, Doctor of Political Sciences Elshad Mirbashir said that the President touched upon the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group, noting that they are simply demonstrating their activity. "But there is no result in resolving the conflict,” he noted. "I think that this approach of the head of state reflects the full reality. Indeed, the OSCE Minsk Group, like Armenia itself, is imitating and has failed to take any steps forward in resolving the conflict. Mr. President emphasized this. The head of state’s focus and strategic point for today was that the Minsk Group insists on a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The President said that their position was wrong on the basis of the UN Charter. That is, the position of natural Azerbaijan is to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Our country is fulfilling all its obligations in this direction. To date, the negotiations with the occupying Armenia prove once again that Azerbaijan is committed to the principle of peaceful settlement of the conflict and acts in this direction with full sincerity. But how do the occupying Armenia and the OSCE Minsk Group behave? Occupying Armenia is participating in the negotiation process.”


"However, this is just an imitation,” the MP added. "In other words, Armenia does not quit its policy of aggression. On the contrary, making provocative statements, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan undermines the entire negotiation process, the peaceful settlement of the conflict. As we know, Pashinyan has been trying to change the format of negotiations since the first day he came to power. Finally, his attempts were thwarted by statements from international bodies. That is, the format of negotiations cannot change. However, these attempts by the Armenian side call into question the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group. If the aggressor Armenia tries to change the format of the talks, says "Karabakh is Armenia" and does not receive any response from the Minsk Group, which directly mediates in the settlement of the conflict, as well as other international organizations, then all this contradicts the principles of peaceful settlement. It also undermines the essence of the negotiations, as Mr. President emphasized."


Mirbashir noted that President Ilham Aliyev, recalling that the right of states to self-defense is enshrined in the UN Charter, openly stated to both the OSCE Minsk Group and other international bodies that either the talks should lead to real results or Azerbaijan should reclaim its lands by military means. "This is a right of Azerbaijan reflected in international law. In April 2016, Azerbaijan demonstrated that it could easily liberate its lands by military means. The head of state stated this once again openly. This should be a signal to the OSCE Minsk Group. If they do not want to start another war, they must put pressure on Armenia and liberate Azerbaijani lands as soon as possible. I think that the most important point that Mr. President wanted to draw attention to was that Azerbaijan does not intend to continue fruitless talks, and if the talks do not yield results in the near future, the possibility of war is very real,” he said.


According to MP Sahib Aliyev, this is not the first time that President Ilham Aliyev has criticized the Minsk Group. "But we must say that all the criticism of the President, especially about the co-chairs of this group, is always decisive and principled. Those who say that "maintaining the status quo is unacceptable" and "substantive negotiations must be held" in Azerbaijan have no intention of tolerating the fact that they are trying to imitate the talks and maintain the status quo. Strategic patience means not only enduring and waiting for a favorable situation to emerge, but also taking action to accelerate expectations, as Mr. Ilham Aliyev's latest statement makes clear,” he stressed.

The MP also drew attention to the fact that only a day after the President's statement on July 6, the Azerbaijani Defense Minister and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces were on the front line, bringing to the attention of our servicemen "the demands of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev."