Musavat activists involved in migrant trafficking

Musavat activists involved in migrant trafficking

15 November 2019, 17:23 1223

Seven activists of Azerbaijan’s Musavat party have been detained as a result of operational measures carried out by German law enforcement agencies. As a result of an investigation, it became known that they created a united criminal group in Germany with the aim of migrant trafficking. By the decision of the German judicial authorities, Chairman of the Musavat party’s European Coordinating Council Ilham Hasan, Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Council Mehdi Khalilbayli, the Musavat party activists Abdin Javadov, Rashad Mammadov and Elshan Abdullayev, as well as former head of correctional institution of Azerbaijan’s penitentiary system Elchin Akbarov have been arrested. In respect of the arrested, a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of six months was chosen.

All this shows that the leadership of the Musavat party was aware of their members’ activities in Europe. So, will the party’s leadership resign following all these accidents?

"Today, political groups presenting themselves as the opposition are engaged in actions they criticize,” MP Elman Nasirov told Kaspi. "Even the Musavat party has often made offensive comments in this regard. They talk about democracy, freedom, but all their actions and behaviors are against the law. There are members of the Musavat party among those detained in Germany these days.”

According to Nasirov, their main slogans are about democracy, human rights and the rule of law. "The question is, why don't they apply what they say to their members? Musavat party members are engaged in activities that are contrary to democracy and the rule of law, not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe. Is that their principles of democracy? The politics they pursue is the exact opposite of what they say. I think that the Musavat party leadership should make a statement to the Azerbaijani public in this regard,” noted the MP.

Political commentator Aydin Guliyev said that the arrest of a group of Musavat members in Germany is a disgrace to the good image of Azerbaijan and our people in the world. "The exposed actions of these individuals, who have made malicious statements against Azerbaijani statehood, prove that their statements about human rights and democracy so far were nothing but a way to cover up their criminal acts. These people, who were formerly active members of the Musavat party in Azerbaijan and later emigrated from the country with fictitious political motives, continued their "activities" in Germany, creating a network of fake migrant commerce. This is a painful and offensive fact for our nation. The Musavat party and its leadership are responsible for providing political and moral support to this criminal group, and for guiding them against the current realities of Azerbaijan,” he said.

Guliyev underlined that the Musavat party, which is making efforts to undermine stability in Azerbaijan hiding behind the principle of human rights, should recognize the responsibility for crimes committed by its members and apologize to the people of Azerbaijan. "Their actions have also threatened the developing cooperation between Azerbaijan and Germany. The Musavatists, by their illegal actions, also gave a weapon to the Armenian-Dashnak mafia, our eternal enemies. For sure, all criminals will be punished, no matter what country, nationality or party they represent.”