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Lapshin’s trial postponed

Lapshin’s trial postponed
The Baku Court of Grave Crimes resumed the trial on Tuesday in the case of blogger Alexander Lapshin, who is in prison in Azerbaijan.
Judge Alovsat Abbasov, who was presiding over the trial, said the court has received a letter from the Expertise Center.
"The letter says that Almaz Bayramova, a center employee, will not be able to take part in the trial as she is currently on vacation. Her participation in the trial will be possible only tomorrow,” said the judge.
The trial was postponed until July 12.
Alexander Lapshin is a citizen of several countries and has had a criminal conspiracy with Armenians living in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. He also illegally visited these territories.
Lapshin is accused of violating Azerbaijani laws on state border in April 2011 and October 2012.
On 15 December 2016, he was detained in Belarus. On January 17, 2017, Alexei Stuk, deputy prosecutor general of Belarus, issued a ruling on Lapshin’s extradition to Azerbaijan. Lapshin was brought to Azerbaijan on February 7.
Lapshin faces charges under the Article 281.2 (Public appeals directed against the state) and 318.2 (Illegal crossing border of the Azerbaijan Republic) of the Criminal Code.




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