Great concern of the Azerbaijani state to the media

Great concern of the Azerbaijani state to the media

21 July 2017, 18:22 746

"Today's solemn opening of the second building of the Journalists' Town with the attendence of the President of Azerbaijan is a bright expression of today's remarkable event, the unforgettable day of the family with them, the future confidence of the young people, and the venerable debt to the oldest journalists, the families of the deceased people!".


Member of the CASCFEN Parliamentary Assembly Akbar Goshali told APA. A. Goshaly said that the moral value of living in the Journalists House is much higher than the material value: "We regard the president's care for journalists, media development, and the organic component of our country's overall development strategy. It's also a separate beauty, not only to the citizens who are acting as correspondents and editors, but also to those who are responsible for public relations and media, to the revival of our media business, to the services of the development of our vocabulary. Let's not forget that this work is continuous, and today the journalist who does not get a home will be able to do so after 3 years, and those who are chosen by his own work will receive his share of the "groundbreaking".


Sariya Muslumgizi, chairman of the Public Union for the Famine of the Armenian Aggression, said it was the most beautiful day of her life: "I have been in a difficult situation for 26 years in the hostels and sanatoriums. But I believed that there would be a morning to the darkness. I approached the President and said that I thank you very much on behalf of myself and my children that you made with the IDP family from Khojaly very happy. He said that it was very good that there was a Khojaly family among these journalists. I said that I was also the NGO chair, and as a military reporter until 1994, I wrote the history of the Karabakh war. Not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and other countries, I have held numerous events and activities related to Karabakh, the just position of Azerbaijan, promotion of the Khojaly genocide in the world. Today, this apartment was also given to me for delivering the truths of Karabakh to the world. "


Ayaz Mirzoyev, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Journalists Network Public Union, said the provision of houses to journalists who report the truth to the public is very important: "The journalist should be comfortable in their home, so that they can achieve great results in their work. That is to say, to conduct good research, to make reports, to represent Azerbaijan as media representatives in foreign countries. Otherwise, the journalist's opinion remains in agreement with the beginning and end of the month, in the provision of housing conditions, rent-related issues, and credit rent. In this case, the journalist can not find a job in high quality. I highly appreciate the initiative of the President of Azerbaijan on the provision of housing for journalists. I was given a new building and today I attended the ceremony. I saw great joy in that ceremony. Simple people took the greatest gift in their lives, and it is very difficult to express that impression. It should be highly appreciated by the government that the provision of this assistance to journalists, especially on the eve of the National Press Day. Unfortunately, some media outlets emphasize that the journalist must be independent, must have any dependence on the state, and the gift of housing is considered a negative. This is unacceptable, and those who write this are people who are aware of the state's policy in this direction. The essence of this policy is that journalists do not have a social problem and are very easily involved in professional activities. This does not mean that it will intervene in the future of journalists. We have already seen journalists in the first building in 2013, and did not interfere with their professional activities, and even wrote some more critiques in some cases than previously written. It once again shows that the purpose of this care policy of the state is not to oblige the journalist himself. On the contrary, it is to encourage and motivate journalists. That is to say, journalists should periodically report problems in the society to the categories of the society, including the higher authorities of the state bodies. The President said today that media workers are his assistants. The head of state takes part in numerous foreign events, participates in numerous events in the country, and may not be aware of certain problems and shortcomings within the country. In this case, journalists should start working, deliver these problems and play an active role in addressing these problems. That's what the state wants. This is the main reason for the steps taken to provide housing. "


Emin Hasanli said that, since 2002, created "Military oath" newspaper in the country, military patriotism propaganda, military and state secrets protection, the army and the society talked about the I do not have a journalist who does not recognize me in this community. At the same time, since 1999, I have enough articles in daily newspapers and websites and my articles are published. A person must have internal censorship that let them decide whether they are eligible to be a candidate or not. i didn't put forth my candidacy first year because I thought there were people in the country who deserved it more than I. Most of them were provided with apartments in the first housing division. I put in my name for the second round to improve my life. "Military oath" newspaper has repeatedly won contests. I have received many honorary decrees and have always been the organizer of major events. "


Chief Editor of the Civil Society magazine of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Safar Ushalli, said that he received an apartment in the newly built building: "The head of state said that journalists are always cared for by the state, they help spread the truth of Azerbaijan to the world. As a representative of civil society organizations, I am trying to contribute to the strengthening of civil society in the country through the magazine we publish as a journalist working in a civil society. For over 10 years, our magazine has been published every month and is distributed among civil society organizations. We thank the President for the great gift. This has given us a solution to a big problems our family. We lived in a house with two other families. The transfer of one of our families to a new home will be a great support for our situation. It will help us to work better and to bring the state's interests to the world better. "