Dangerous consequences of carbonated and energy drinks

Dangerous consequences of carbonated and energy drinks

13 June 2019, 17:24 637

It's already hot summer days. In hot weather, people prefer to have different types of drinks rather than food. Carbonated energy drinks, and various fruit juices are especially used in these months. But do we have these drinks in the proper form? In general, what are their consequences for our organism? What drinks are recommended in the summer heat?

According to medical expert Adil Geybulla, in the summer, people prefer to drink cold beverages, which is, in fact, not right. "As a result of cold drinks, some infections in the upper respiratory tract are activated. This is the main reason for the increase in colds in summer. Therefore, refreshing beverages should be taken at moderate temperatures. Cold fruit juices or other beverages out of the freezer should not be drunk. In general, I think that it is necessary to have as little as possible carbonated drinks since they cause damage to the human body. There are too many articles in the press about it. Carbonated drinks are particularly harmful to women. They can cause complications during pregnancy. Therefore, it would be better to use more still beverages. I would advise to drink mostly water in hot weather. The composition of fruit juices produced in Azerbaijan is not as natural as it is said. Most of these juices consist of chemicals and preservatives. It would be better to drink fruit juices or compote prepared at home. Most of the juices on sale are harmful to the body. Most of these products are advertised and widely used. The gene pool of the country can not be damaged because of someone’s corporate interests. I think we need to further strengthen the propaganda and awareness-raising work on healthy nutrition," the expert noted.

Nutritionist Tutu Zeynalova said that the need for fluid in the body is increased in the summer. If we take 1.5-2 liters of water in the winter, this figure should be 2.5-3 liters in summer. "Because we sweat more in the summer and our body loses much water. But it would be better for the body to satisfy the demand for fluid not with soft drinks, but with water. Because the vast majority of soft drinks are carbonated. A large amount of these drinks is not recommended. They cause blood sugar in the body. Therefore, there is a need for re-use of these beverages. Since caffeine-containing beverages are diuretic, they remove water from the body. That is, these drinks do not meet our fluid needs. Therefore, the normal water supply is better. We can taste various kinds of water in our home environment. We can produce different sugars and prepare sugars without water. You can also cook different cocktails from the fruits. It is more advisable to use fruits and vegetables that dominate the water. Sweet, carbonated, energetic drinks do not meet our body's water needs. On the contrary, they cause more thirst. The best beverage in the world is water. Sometimes we see young children having energetic drinks. This should be strictly forbidden. In Europe these drinks are sold at a distance of 3 km from schools. Parents should pay particular attention to this issue. Not only children, but even adults, should not drink energetic drinks," she added.

Pediatrician Kenan Garayev noted that it is unacceptable to drink extremely cold beverages. "In summer, children should take plenty of fluid. However, the temperature of this liquid should be at room temperature. It is not advisable for children to buy carbonated drinks. Parents should pay attention to this issue. Because these drinks have different chemical additives. Mixtures of those drinks have a negative impact on the future of children and their health. For example, it may be possible to identify various allergic diseases, skin diseases, and gastrointestinal problems. These drinks cause metabolism disorder in the body. As a result, obesity and fatigue are common in children. Carbonated drinks create conditions for the development of cancer cells. Also, people should keep the children away from the beverages in plastic bottles. Especially if the drinks in plastic bottles are cold and carbonated. It would be proper to buy beverages in glass bottles for children. Generally, carbonated drinks are not recommended to anyone. Parents sometimes do not agree on this issue. Therefore, we need to carry out awareness raising activities. Because children's use of energy drinks has serious consequences. Although it does not show itself now, it can lead to inferiority, cancer, metabolic disorders, physical underdevelopment, and even severe pathologies in the nervous system," said Garayev.

Shabnam Mehdizade