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All the potential directions identified for development of non-oil sector
19-04-2017 17:36
According to experts, the state has created necessary conditions for large-scale production and exportation of non-oil p
A kindergarten in every building
13-04-2017 18:02
An indication of state policy to provide people’s comfort
Our top priority is transparency and accountability in all aspects
07-04-2017 18:18
Alimammad Nuriyev : According to the number of reports submitted regarding with EITI Azerbaijan is the first country in


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Exchange Rates

Tipi Ədə. Adı AZN
IRR 100 İran rialı 0.0046
GEL 1 Gürcü larisi 0.6957
GBP 1 İngilis funt sterlinqi 2.1978
TRY 1 Türk lirəsi 0.4774
KWD 1 Küveyt dinarı 5.5930
SEK 1 İsveç kronu 0.1926
EUR 1 Avro 1.8495
CHF 1 İsveçrə frankı 1.7116
USD 1 ABŞ dolları 1.7025