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Azerbaijani national team wins 6 gold medals at EYOF Baku 2019

Azerbaijani national team wins 6 gold medals at EYOF Baku 2019
Wrestling competitions being held as part of the XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF Baku 2019) are wrapping up on July 23, Trend reports.
Elmir Aliyev had an excellent match with his Norwegian opponent and then defeated a Romanian wrestler, having then defeated a representative of Georgia during the semifinals, passing to the finals.
Elmir Aliyev defeated his opponents from Norway and Romania, as well as his Georgian opponent in semifinals. In the finals he overpowered his rival from Ukraine.
Khasay Hasanli easily beat his Greek opponent during the opening, having then beaten his rivals from Finland and Switzerland, reaching the semifinals. He secured a victory in a tense match during the semifinals over a Ukrainian wrestler, making it to the finals. However, his final match was not easy, and only in the last seconds did he overpower his opponent with a successful move and secured victory.
As such, the Azerbaijani national team has already won 6 gold medals.

The XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival, which is held July 21-27, is taking place at 12 sports facilities.
The festival is attended by 3,900 athletes from 48 European countries. Fifty-two percent of the participants are males, and 48 ​​percent are females. Athletes are competing for 135 sets of medals. A total of 930 medals are prepared for the winners, including 300 gold, 300 silver and 330 bronze medals.
Some 122 athletes represent Azerbaijan at the festival. Athletes are competing in ten kinds of sports: gymnastics, athletics, basketball, cycling, handball, judo, swimming, tennis, volleyball and wrestling.



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