Azerbaijan contributing to fighting pandemic measures around the world

Azerbaijan contributing to fighting pandemic measures around the world

04 June 2020, 15:18 290

This shows how powerful and peaceful our country is

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the world, Azerbaijan not only takes preventive measures to protect the health of its citizens, but also effectively cooperates with international organizations, provides serious support to these organizations, as well as a number of countries in the fight against the virus. For example, we have undertaken to show leadership at a critical time for the whole world and to create a very important format of cooperation. Successful summits with the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States and the Non-Aligned Movement were held with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev. The summits were followed by a series of conferences with the participation of relevant ministers of member countries on very important issues related to joint efforts in the fight against coronavirus. Azerbaijan has been one of the first countries to donate to the World Health Organization (WHO) and provide humanitarian assistance to 14 countries. Following this, Azerbaijan, through the WHO, provided support to 15 more countries in need of assistance. Thus, taking into account the need for countries and people to support each other in these difficult times, Azerbaijan has provided humanitarian assistance to a total of 30 countries.

It is gratifying that the steps of our country, which serve humanity, are expressed by officials of international organizations, as well as countries that receive and do not receive humanitarian support, and set an example for others. All these facts were gratefully mentioned in a video conference held on June 1 at the initiative of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) between President Ilham Aliyev and the bank’s President Masatsugu Asakawa, Vice-President Shixin Chen and other other executives of the ADB. Mr. Asakawa, said that ADB fully supports the steps taken by Azerbaijan at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading and oil prices are falling sharply. He said he was impressed by the coordination of efforts against the pandemic under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan on international platforms - the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States and the Non-Aligned Movement. Mr. Asakawa also praised Azerbaijan's contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO) Fund for Combating COVID-19 totaling $ 10 million, including $ 5 million to Non-Aligned Movement member states in need in this area. He also expressed satisfaction with Azerbaijan's assistance to the People's Republic of China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. According to the ADB President, the preventive measures taken by the Azerbaijani government against the pandemic, the low level of mortality and the increase in the number of tests show that the country's health risks are very well managed.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship, Elnur Allahverdiyev, said that Azerbaijan, with its sustainable economy and beneficial partnership, attracts international financial institutions, even during a pandemic when there is a recession in the global economy. According to him, this is an indication that Azerbaijan is both a stable and competitive partner and has a serious reputation among global financial centers. The MP said that such contacts with international financial institutions are both significant and due to the confidence in the Azerbaijani economy at a time when the world economy is in deep crisis and economic relations are at a minimum. "If you remember, in late April, President Ilham Aliyev and the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development held a business video conference. Following the meeting, a video conference was held between the heads of the two world giants - CISCO and Signify - and the President of Azerbaijan. The last two meetings were initiated by the heads of these companies. In other words, they are interested in cooperation, and this fact once again shows that the world's leading technology companies and financial centers value our competitiveness and high solvency. At present, in the context of the global economic crisis, states and transnational corporations are reluctant to cooperate in projects, explore new markets and invest in capital. In today's world of instability, the most important category is reputation. The reputation and image of partners has become a decisive factor in modern economic processes. Image is a guarantee of trust. Can it be a good indicator of Azerbaijan's self-sufficiency at a time when more than 150 countries around the world are seeking loans from international financial institutions today? Companies and financial centers, whose budgets exceed the budgets of individual states, attach great importance to this factor. The interest of large financial centers in our country is an indicator of Azerbaijan's business reputation,” the MP stressed.

He went on saying that Azerbaijan's sustainable economic performance during the pandemic, measures to insure local private businesses, as well as significant assistance to several countries suffering from the effects of the novel coronavirus, and the World Health Organization to fight COVID-19 are of great importance. "In the reality of the course of development of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan, there are many promising areas, including agriculture. The inflow of foreign capital into these areas can give an additional and new impetus to the economic development of Azerbaijan. This is not only very important for the country's economy in the post-pandemic phase, but also a strong argument in favor of forecasts that we will soon eliminate the consequences of the crisis,” Allahverdiyev said.

According to MP Javid Osmanov, during the coronavirus pandemic in Azerbaijan, control measures were taken not only within the country, but also within the regional and global framework. "Large-scale and systematic measures taken in our country to combat the pandemic have once again shown that the policy of the President of Azerbaijan is primarily focused on citizens and their health,” he noted. "At the same time, the state has provided great support to the private sector for the stable and sustainable functioning of the country's economy. At the same time, Azerbaijan has provided financial support to the World Health Organization to provide assistance to countries suffering from the pandemic. In total, Azerbaijan has provided such assistance to about 30 countries. This shows that as a result of the successful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev, along with protecting the citizens of Azerbaijan during COVID-19, it has contributed to the measures taken to fight the pandemic in the world. This proves how powerful and peaceful Azerbaijan is.”