Armenia wants to ensure internal stability by causing provocations on the front line

Armenia wants to ensure internal stability by causing provocations on the front line

02 August 2017, 18:45 969

Based on the information provided by the Armenian media in recent days, it becomes evident that social problems in this country are gradually deepening. The root causes of these problems are the economic decline, unemployment and the reduction in financial assistance from diaspora organizations. The Armenian economy has been steadily declining for the past 25 years when they have been in conflict with Azerbaijan, and the country's leading industrial infrastructure has passed into the hands of foreign powers. The Armenian government has no more 'objects' to sell to implement the social projects.


Due to lack of domestic production, competition, tax revenues that form the budget decrease day by day. The population is leaving the country due to financial difficulties. This is reflected in the demographic statistics they announce each year. People who can not accept the incompetence of Sargsyan's government already protest. Armenians, who are in a difficult situation, do not want their children to have military service in Karabakh.


According to Armenian media, soldier Gregor Arutyunyan, who was killed in Karabakh during last April's war, refused to send his second son to military service. According to the report, Anait Grigoryan says that her second son, Seryoga, is the only breadwinner in the family and that she will not give him to the army. "In the end, I petitioned that I refuse to send my son to military service. The Defense Minister must compromise and release my son from military service because he has no father, we live in a difficult situation. "

Apparently, the Armenian population drowning in the social problems is no longer accepting Sargsyan's government and expresses their disapproval. For this reason, the Armenian leadership has been resorting to provocation at the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, as well as at the contact line. Is it a new strategy of the Armenian government to distract attention from the problems inside the country and to deceive the international community?


Political scientist and a member of the parliament, Rasim Musabeyov told "Kaspi" that there are others reasons as to how Armenia has provoked provocations besides the social problems in the country:"The Armenians are trying everything, bringing international observers to the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, to the contact line to make sure they are safe in the area. They understand that the military power of Azerbaijan has grown considerably and we can get them out of our land. Armenian hopes rely solely on Russia as well as the international observers whom they want to bring to the contact line. Today's those who have occupied Azerbaijani lands and committed genocides against Azerbaijan has seized power in Yerevan and use it to accumulate more wealth. As such, of course, it's no secret that they use their military force to distract the people from social problems. "


Head of the Atlas Research Center, political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu noted that whenever the situation in Armenia is aggravated, they resort to provocation in the front-line: "They aggravate the situation and then divert the attention of the public towards Karabakh, the front line. But, instead, it hurts them. Because when the ceasefire is violated, the response from Azerbaijan is terrible for them and the Armenians are suffering considerable losses. In this sense, they are actually causing more damage to themselves. More recently, ceasefire is violated more in the Gazakh-Tovuz direction. There is another goal here and they want to involve Russia in the conflict. Based on the agreement signed by Armenia with Russia, Russia has established a joint military force and Moscow guarantees the security of this country. If the Armenians think that if they violate the cease-fire on the border of Gazakh-Tovuz and draw Russia here, then they are mistaken. Because we will respond to this. Russia should also understand that if Armenians open fire at Gazakh and Tovuz, Azerbaijan should not ignore it. So, maybe someone in Russia thinks that they will open fire and we will sit there and let them. In reality, the Armenian provocations on the contact line and on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border aim to distract attention from the problems inside the country and they also want to involve Russia in the conflict. But both of their calculations are incorrect. As I said, our response to these provocations was greater and the Armenians suffered too much. If Russia is involved in this conflict, that would mean they are choosing a side In this case, we will have to make certain choices. "


E. Shahinoglu said that the provocations of Armenians are usually more common in summer: "Because of social tension in Armenia, people are demanding solutions to problems. So, the Armenian government creates an artificial tension in the front-line to distract people. It should be noted that the current and previous authorities in Armenia have made their choices and became Russia's minion. The border is protected by the Russian army and military bases. The largest factories are in the hands of Russia. All of this stems from the fact that one day they will be expelled from the lands they have occupier and then they will rely on Russia to extend the occupation. On the other hand, they play games to pretend that they have good relations with other countries, and they cooperate thoroughly. But everyone knows that this is a lie. "



Bakhtiyar Mammadli