6 hours of chaos

6 hours of chaos

05 July 2019, 15:35 900

What if social networks stop function one day? How will our lives change? We often ask these questions in jest. Social networks are now part of our lives and are of great importance today not only in entertainment, but also in business issues and matters of national importance. Whenever there is a problem with any network, it has a certain impact on everything in every sphere.

The most widely used social networks in Azerbaijan are Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. These networks have had some problems before for a short period. However, on June 3, there was a problem with sending files for about 6 hours. The problem was not only in our country, but all over the world. Facebook's comment on the issue has been shared with Twitter with #facebookdown hashtag. "We know that some people face difficulties when uploading photos, videos and other files. We have a regret for having faced such a case. We are trying to restore everything in the shortest possible time."

Although the company does not provide an official explanation for this reason, the reasons for such a problem are the subject of serious debate.

Facebook did not comment on this

Project director of, Farid Pardashunas said the reason for the problem in 3 social networks was the problem with service that provides data transfer. "Facebook did not disclose the reason for this problem officially. They simply claimed that there was a problem with uploading images, sending audio files, and all operations related to data in general, and they would quickly resolve it. It took 7-8 hours to solve the problem, after which they apologized to the users. The main problem was the CDN service, which provided the transmission of data for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. According to some allegations, the server was attacked by China and Russia. Even if it's an attack, Facebook can not officially declare it," he noted.

Another Facebook collapse in a few months

Pardashunas said that during the six-hour period, there was a huge increase in the number of Telegram social network users. "Whenever this problem occurs, people use Telegram or other Google services alternatively to send media files. Because Instagram and Whatsapp are connected to the CDN service that serves Facebook. When a service crashes, all networks owned by Facebook collapse. People used Telegram as an alternative messenger, and within a few hours the download capacity of this network has risen significantly," he added.

According to him, the 6-hour collapse on the big social network is a serious matter. "The failure of media services in a major social network for about 6 hours is a serious problem. It causes serious damage to Facebook both the point of view of image and security, or the stocks price. Because this is the next collapse of Facebook over the past few months, and these cases have become commonplace," the director said.

It lasted for a long time and became global

Osman Gunduz, president of the Azerbaijan Internet Forum, said that typical problems in global resources are short-lived. This is an indication of a serious problem at this time. "Observations show that this type of global resource is short-term, is quickly eliminated, and then an official statement is made. This time was somewhat different, it lasted for a long time and became global. It's as if the problem has been the whole of the world. Usually problems were local, in Europe, Asia, CIS and so on. Global and long-term problem and non-formal disclosure give grounds to say that it was a very serious problem," he pointed out.

Gunduz added that some work is being done to alleviate the monopoly position of these institutions. "In recent years, there has been a lot of reactions from the US, Europe, Britain, and the public, and billions of members. They were compelled to report on different levels. I guess something is going on in these organizations," he said.

So that they do not say, "This is my private property, and my own business"

Gunduz said that social networks have come out of entertainment and they are doing a great job. Therefore, the responsibility of global networks is even greater. "Social media is an integral part of state, private enterprises, civil society, people, companies, and every industry. From this point of view, the emergence of such a breakthrough in social networks, which is an essential part of our lives, is a serious problem. It can not repeat again. It would not be right to consider these networks as a usual network, an internet site. Mechanisms should be developed, and arrangements should be made so that that people do not suffer from such problems. Because everyone invests there and works through social networks. I think that there is a basis for the states' reactions and alarms to social networks. It seems to me that global resources should apply new mechanisms so that such problems will not repeat,” he emphasized.

"True, companies also have business interests, but here public and state interests are great. There should be a sense of accountability so that they do not say, "This is my private property, and my own business". This period has already passed, and the owners of global resources should not say that they are a "private company", and social networks already belong to all," he said.

Facebook makes a difference between countries

Editor-in-chief of, Hajibey Heydarli said that the security of users in the social network is very relevant, but today it is not at a high level. "In many cases, we see that the rights of users are violated. We had problems with Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp for about 6 hours. Interestingly, these cases are happening more frequently lately, and there is no broad explanation for the fact as the owner of all three networks is the same person. As you know, social networks are also a business platform today, thousands of companies, hundreds of people are advertising here, millions of people get information, and so many people use it to communicate with each other. However, it seems that security of social networks is very poor. A few months ago, thousands of people had been seized by personal correspondence, their photos and videos were hacked. Unfortunately, Facebook's disadvantages are not enough. For example, Facebook removes millions of pages at any time. An online chat was created to tell the problem on social networks. However, the chat is more appropriate for solving the problems of advertising, because Facebook is making money from advertising. In fact, the ad issue is also very unclear, because Facebook simply promotes the information on the site and earns billions of it. Other sites are paying people for the number of visitors or video views. For example, Youtube," Heydarli stressed.

He said that Facebook makes a difference between countries. "For example, any complaint of a British citizen is more operatively investigated, but it does not apply to other countries. Even when the ads are promoted, the ads placed from foreign countries are confirmed within 2-3 minutes, but from such countries as Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia it takes 2-3 hours. I think that after all these facts we need to think again. Tomorrow some unsuccessful and dangerous information can be spread and it will not be possible to avoid it. Because Facebook and Instagram delete only the information they do not need. From this point of view, social networks should be controlled, and people should not believe in some information," said Heydarli.

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